Over 20 years of Executive Coaching Services 


Internova excels in equipping managers and employees with expertise in Time Management, Transformative Leadership, Coaching Leadership theory, and Goal Management skills. With over 20 years of experience, Internova has been instrumental in enhancing the performance of companies, organizations, and individual managers alike.

Research based learning
To ensure the high quality and the benefits of Internova’s courses, all methods and theories are based on research covering management, leadership, work-life pedagogy, work-life psychology, science of happiness at work, stress management and organisational development.

Our philosophy
Internova’s philosophy revolves around micro-learning through multiple brief sessions spanning a longer period of time. This approach enables participants to integrate and practice newly acquired knowledge and skills in their daily work, fostering the development of desired habits over time. 

Ulla has been a certified coach PCC via the International
Coach Federation for many years. 


Ulla Lilliehöök has worked with managers at all levels and within many different industries, helping them to develop their personal leadership skills. Ulla’s experience within this field was gained whilst working as a regional manager within the IT industry. By adopting a performance-orientated leadership and goal orientated method of working, Ulla significantly increased both the company’s results and employee job satisfaction.

Ulla is certified coach (PCC) via ICF (International Coach Federation) and the author of three books: “9+1 Tips More Fun at Work”, “Create Top Performers – The challenge of increasing performance and job satisfaction through coaching leadership style” and “Get More Energy and Increase Your Quality of Life”. 

“Internova’s great passion is to help companies and organizations to increase productivity, motivation and well-being”
Ulla Lilliehöök



We help you work smarter, coach others and create an engaging goal process.

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